About Us

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Richard Lee

As Vice President and managing partner of Home Pride Construction, Rich has 25 years of construction experience as a carpenter, designer, and project manager. Rich is also a licensed Real Estate Broker partnering with Home Sales Team in Pacifica, CA. 

Rick Lee

As founder and president of Home Pride Construction, Rick has 40 years of construction experience as a carpenter, project manager and developer.

Our Values

Excellence - Holding Ourselves to high standards of practice by rigorously defining our goals, expectations, boundaries and potential.


Integrity - Choosing each day to perform our best work for clients and each other.


Teamwork – Working together, to improve our client and team member experience.


Accountability - We take responsibility for our actions and the quality of our work.


Service - By following the example of Jesus, we seek to serve others with humility.

Home Pride Construction is a team of twenty-five employees who specialize in each facet of residential home building and remodel. From design, administration, plans, permits, framing, tile, flooring, plumbing, drywall, electrical, roofing, finish trades, etc. Home Pride is your full service provider for residential construction. 

License #: 461309